There is no doubt that slot machines such as slot joker, blackjack, etc., are the most common type of games on both online and land-based casinos. However, surprisingly, there are tons of myths and false beliefs around this gambling game. 

Maybe it’s because of its popularity that most people have stirred misconceptions about online slot machines. As a result, most people avoid getting into slot games as they start believing all the lies and myths. So, today we’ll be debunking some of the most common myths about online slot machines in this write-up.

You can read till the end, and hopefully gain some confidence and start playing slots without a worry in the world!

Slots become stricter after a player hits the jackpot

This is one of the most commonly believed myths about slot machines. Self-proclaimed experts often say that you shouldn’t play a slot after you or another player has won a jackpot. But that isn’t true!

They say slots become “tight” after making a huge jackpot payout to a player in order to make up for the amount by not delivering any wins for a long time. However, remember, slots or any other online casino games do not have memory. They are completely random. Hence, it is impossible for slots to remember that it just awarded a whopping amount of money to a player.

Every spin or round in slot joker or other slot games is random. Hence, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that you might even hit the jackpot right after another player collected his jackpot money. Why? Because slot machines are 100% random, and you never know what will happen!

Using bonuses or loyalty points decreases your chances of winning slot machines:

Here is another popular slot game myth that only makes experienced gamblers laugh. We don’t know who even started this myth, but there are tons of beginner gamblers who believe that bonuses and loyalty cards are better off discarded as they do you no good.

Both online and on-land casinos offer their players various kinds of incentives and bonuses as a way of welcoming them and appreciating their participation on their websites. Bonuses are not a way of punishment. Hence, there is no way that company-offered bonuses can decrease your winning chances. Instead, bonuses and credits give you a chance to play and hopefully win some real money without spending any money from your pocket.

Payout rates change according to time and date:

Many superstitious gambling players believe that progressive slots will most probably occur on the weekend as compared to weekdays. This isn’t true at all! But hold on, if we look at this from another viewpoint, there is some truth in this statement.

How? That’s because most recreational gamblers gamble more on weekends and not on weekdays. As a result, more people hit jackpots on weekends since there are more players that visit online casinos on these days. Other than this, there is no other logical reason behind this myth.

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