What is the reason you should learn dice game before placing the bets?


Many books claim that they will teach you numerous strategies for the dice but they are nothing more than chickens. In the dice, the only way to win SICBO Online is to focus on your bets. However, before getting into the heart of the matter it is necessary to remember some important aspects of the game. You can say the opposite but in the dice the rules are still complicated. Although there are manuals available in some online casinos and this always leads to confusion. For example, the player must always ensure that the dice do not go through the air.

What is the basic idea?

On the other hand you also have to know the hierarchical order of the points. The best way to score points is to leave a 3, 4, 5, 6 or 10. Once you have drawn these numbers you can place other bets depending on the circumstances. However, a point obtained before a 7 wins but it does not come out after 7. As you can see, the dice are made up of a lot of small rules that you must know.


If you do not handle the rules very well you can practice the dice free on any site. Visit it and enjoy playing without pressure until you are sure of all the rules of the game. This will help you to concentrate on your game when you really play with money. To move forward you can learn and study the rules of the game more easily in a context outside the casino. This will also help you understand the betting and profit systems. On the other hand you can improve your own style of play.

You may lose large sums of money in a very short time especially if you do not pay attention to how you gamble and do not manage your money well. Therefore, it is useless to increase the bet if you want to recover all the money you have lost. It is always better to bet the same amount. It is chance that decides in this game then you may decide to put yourself on their side. Also know that the house always enjoys a 5 percent profit.

Conclusion: How you do the Math?

It is recommended not to bet more than 1 / 20th of your maximum budget per bet but if you still want to further minimize your risk of losing, you can go up to 1 / 50th of your budget. This also gives you an additional chance to win even if it starts badly. In this way you also minimize the risk of reducing your budget too soon. During your Dice games it is important to carefully choose your bets and concentrate on one in which the benefit of the casino is lower. For example, the bet No step is the one that offers better possibilities to the player of dice. The benefit of the casino on the bet is only 1.36%.