Getting Deep Into the European and French Casinos Online


If you look more closely at the design of American roulette, you will notice that it differs from the European one. Besides the green pocket 0, there are also 00, which are playing in favor of the casino, your winning chances being 1/38 compared to 1/37 in the classic version. This means that the total amount of bets remains quite high at the casino of 5.26%. This is not the only difference: the numbers are placed differently on the roulette, in a rather logical way than by chance. But do not worry, this is not a detail that will influence your chances of winning, it has rather an aesthetic role.

French Roulette

At first glance, the French Roulette does not differ much from the European one, being the same game, but the words on the table are written in French. Even the famous Voisins du Zero stadium racetrack, Tiers du Cylindre and Orphelins was adopted by many of the European roulettes, initially featured in the French roulette. Even at the high roller online casino you will find these options.

But what makes the French online authentic roulette and favorite of many players are the special stakes, which reduced the house’s advantage to only 1.35%. These are La Partage and En Prison. In La Partage you will receive half the stake back if the ball goes down to 0. On En Prison, the chip goes to “jail” if the ball reaches 0 and you bet another number, but you have the chance to get it back if the next round is winning.

Obviously, the French roulette is the one that can make the most of your winnings, and En Prison makes it more fun and exciting. But be careful, because these special stakes are not available on all French roulettes at online casinos. We recommend reading the game information before playing or trying the demo. The recommended roulette is one of the few that applies the La Partage rule. Find more at the buzz casino also.

Software providers for roulette games

Another important criterion to consider when trying choosing a game is the software vendor who developed it. Each software has a design, quality, load time, options, stake types and specific RTP, all of which are important features in choosing the right game. You will notice that you can find the same game at several casinos. That’s because in most cases casinos buy or rent games from outside vendors and that’s why software can be a more critical criterion than the casino. Need to know more about it? You can now from online casino news pages. All kinds of casino related information are available here.